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Baby Outdoor Adventure - Kids Town Mini Games Care Center

4.4 ( 4224 ratings )
Hry Vzdělávání Educational Family
Vývojář: Baby and Mommy

- Explore the great outdoors, complete with a fantastic map!
- Go fishing by a lake, check out the forest and mountain areas, too.
- Throw a BBQ picnic and go surfing by the sea. Its fun!

Something crazy is going on outside. Lets go see! Oh, it looks like the kids have a map and are out exploring the world! In Crazy Outdoor Adventure, your baby and kids can get a taste of the wild outdoors, all from the comfort of their own phone. All it takes is a little imagination and suddenly theyre fishing in the forest of mystery, just outside the mountain of fun!

Having an outdoor adventure is more fun than kids or a baby can handle. Thats why this outdoor adventure never ends! Start by exploring the world using your handy map. Choose different areas to visit so you can go fishing, climb a mountain, explore the forest, go surfing, have a picnic, and solve a mystery or two each place you go. You can even sit down and have a BBQ with all of your BBQ friends!

Life is better when theres a little mystery. Its also better with BBQ, forest fishing, and mountains! Let your kids and baby explore the wild outdoors one map at a time. Its easy, its fun, its safe, and theres lots of stuff to do!

- Tour the world as your kids and baby explore the land.
- Go fishing in the forest, climb a mountain, solve a mystery by the sea.
- You can even go surfing or have a BBQ picnic!
- Map system makes it easy to explore without getting lost.

How to Play:
- Choose an area of the map to visit, then tap it.
- Complete each mini game to solve the mystery.
- Tap another part of the map to let the adventure continue!

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